Bill Nye the Science Guy Confuses Arctic with Antarctic at Global Warming Debate


Arctic, Antarctic, who cares? The science is settled.

Obama Blames California Drought He Caused on Global Warming

A stream of water trickles on the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose

I hear Global Warming was also responsible for ObamaCare

In Snowy New York, New York Times Predicts the End of Snow


The New York Times is on the way out. The snow is still coming down

Mayor Who Couldn’t Handle Snowstorm to be UN Global Warming Envoy


“I can’t think of a person better suited for this important new role,” John Kerry said.

The Kerry Plan: Mandatory Global Warming Plan for US in 2015


United Nations bureaucrats will control every detail of life

EU Dumps Green Energy Mandates, Embraces Fracking


Obama is now more left-wing on energy productivity than the EU.

Anti-Fracking Protesters Glue Themselves to Wrong Gas Station

p5 fracking-2

“We were very proud of the guys who locked themselves to the pumps”

Warmist Who Got Ship Stuck in Ice Trying to Prove Ice was Melting Wins Global Warming Award


No, it’s not a Darwin Award

Liberal Canadian Ex-Defense Minister Says Environmentalist Aliens Will Give Us Free Stuff


Hellyer says that there is a “federation” of aliens

Obama Spent $7.4 Bil Helping Third World Fight Imaginary Problem


We’re borrowing money from China to teach them to stop polluting.