Remembering American Exceptionalism on Independence Day

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How progressive education is failing to pass on patriotism to the next generation.

Activism: The Ideal of a ‘Liberal Arts Education’

An ideal that’s bad for the academy and bad for the world.

Ethnic Studies = Social Justice


Political activism, not education.

Education and Moral Bankruptcy


How the Left wastes poor students’ time with destructive non-educational programing.

Demonizing the Helpers


Robbing minorities of education by denigrating those trying to reform the system.

Obama’s School ‘Punishment Equality’ Folly


The racism of the Left is revealed in a new Department of Education policy.

The Tech Industry’s Immigration Lies


Is there really a shortage of high-skill American workers?

White Teachers Thought They Were the Solution

George Mason University

But now Obama says they are the problem.

Teach Your Children Well


A band of committed parents and activists take a stand against anti-Israel education.

The Left Versus Minorities

bill de blasio

How progressives are destroying the only schools that give underprivileged kids a chance.