Black Unemployment


How liberal labor policies are destroying the black community.

The New ‘Gender Gap’


As men fall behind, militant feminists cling to victimology.

Reminder: How Mexico Treats ‘Undesirable’ Foreigners


Just racist “nativism”?

Shadow of the Gun


How the Left’s promotion of fire arms fear instills learned helplessness in our children.

80% of New York High School Grads Can’t Read Despite Being No. 1 in School Spending


Bloomberg’s big pitch when running for office was that he was going to be the education mayor. And while Bloomy is fighting for gun control in the Midwest, Johnny Brooklyn can’t read.

School Confiscates Third Grader’s Cupcakes for Being Insensitive to Gun Violence


Fountain says the principal of Schall Elementary School called him personally and told him that dressing the cupcakes with soldiers was, in the principal’s words, “insensitive” considering recent gun-related tragedies.

Is Leftist School Indoctrination Unstoppable?


Why conservatives must approach the educational imbalance with urgency.

Dem-Controlled Atlanta Schools Rob Minority Students of Their Futures


The nation’s epicenter of educational fraud, corruption and public school failure.

Obama’s Universal Pre-School Push

State Of Union

The president seeks to add another statist layer to society.

Cheated: Sham Education for Minority Students in Dem-Run Philadelphia

Arlene Ackerman

Another Democratic stronghold, another wasteland of public schooling.