Why You Should Quit College


Get a job, hippies.

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Solving the CIA’s PC Problems


Street smarts are far more important than academics.

Social Justice Scam

An academic program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill illustrates the difference between education and indoctrination.

Christianity and Cultural Survival


If a weakened Christianity invites an aggressive Islam, what is the prognosis for America?

Rejecting the Left

Christine Williams

The first visible minority national talk show host in Canada turns her back on the progressive faith.

Conflict or Cooperation?


How government can sow social discord.

Reflections on the Revolution in America


Welcome to the efforts of the liberal well-to-do class — who are immune from the dictates they impose on others.

Cuba’s Healthcare Horror


The mainstream media can no longer cover up Castro’s atrocious record.


The debate over affirmative action in higher education, largely dormant since 2003, when the Supreme Court affirmed racial preferences at the University of Michigan School of Law, may soon come roaring back.

Obamacare: The Bankrupting of America

healing of america

Even when the Left is most passionately arguing its ideas it cannot help but sabotage itself.