Obama’s Brother: Muslim Brotherhood Leader?


Egyptian media report on great revelations to come.

Obituary for a Beloved Egyptian Terror Supporter


Amir Bedier’s death wish finally becomes a reality.

The Mideast Multiple Choice Exam


How Barack Obama would answer.

Obama Inc. Comes Out Against a Ban of the Muslim Brotherhood


“Would suspending aid be a propaganda victory for the Muslim Brotherhood?”

A Terror Leader Behind Bars in Egypt


The “spiritual guide” of the Muslim Brotherhood — and why Egyptians want him in jail.

Who Needs a Democratic Egypt?


We need an ally.

Erdogan’s Hate-Jew Fest


Blaming Israel for Egypt’s anti-Brotherhood turn.

Saudis Promise to Make Up Any Aid to Egypt that Obama Cuts

President Obama meets with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the White House in Washington

Few moments really convey Obama’s impotence better than his Saudi allies openly mocking him by telling Egypt to ignore him

State Department Explains Why Obama Won’t Call Egypt a Coup

Obama Pharoah

He can avoid making any decision on a coup but he could still stop the aid in one form or another

Turkey’s Insane Islamist PM Claims Israel Behind Egypt Coup Based on Interview with French Philosopher


At least it’s not another telekinesis plot.