Obama Rejects Muslim Brotherhood’s “Terrorist” Designation

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The Obama administration had no intention of taking any action

Egypt Declares Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group


But the organization continues to find safe haven in America.

Prince Charles Speaks Up for Persecuted Christians


Where are the rest of our world leaders?

Egypt & Russia: Cold War Alliances Revived


A fitting arms deal for Obama’s post-American world.

Global Warming: Snow Hits Cairo for the First Time in 100 Years


Haifa was hit with its first snowfall in 22 years

New Egyptian Constitution: A Slap at the Brotherhood


How will the pro-Islamist Obama administration respond?

Obama’s War Crimes Charges – on The Glazov Gang


Egyptian lawyers file formal complaint at the International Criminal Court accusing U.S. president of crimes against humanity.

Sharia and the New Egyptian Constitution


The dismal future for human rights in the post-Brotherhood country.

Is Kerry Going Rogue on Foreign Policy?

Democratic Convention Final Day

There’s not much to stop Kerry from saying what he wants

Kerry’s Surprising Defiance of the White House on Egypt


Why it is likely to be short-lived.