Disarming Americans, Arming Terrorists

Egypt's Islamist President-elect Mohamed Mursi delivers a speech while surrounded by his body guards in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Gun control for Americans, but F-16s for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Sentences Mother and 7 Children to 15 Years in Prison for Converting to Christianity

Hillary Clinton, Mohammed Morsi

A criminal court in Egypt has sentenced a family of eight in Beni-Suef to 15 years in prison for converting to Christianity and changing their place of residence.

Egyptian Brigadier General: “F-16s Are a Message of Support from Obama to Morsi”


Retired Brigadier General Safwat Al-Zayat said, “It is obvious that the finalisation of the deal on 11 December, which happened to be at the height of the mass demonstrations in Tahrir Square against Morsi, conveyed a political message.”

Egyptian Islamists Attacking Christian Women for Not Wearing the Hijab


“Salafis meet Christian girls in the street and order them to cover their hair,” Father Mina said. “Sometimes they hit them when they refuse.”

Egyptian Muslim Protesters Demand End to Spanish Occupation of Spain


“We want to remind people that no matter how long the Spanish occupation of Andalusia continues, the day will come, Allah willing, when we liberate it and Islam will return.”

Abbas Meets U.S. Envoy — Then Islamists in Cairo


Morsi helping to broker reconciliation between Hamas terrorists and “moderate” Palestinians.

The Blind Sheik and Our Mute President


Why the Obama administration can’t be trusted to keep Omar Abdel-Rahman in prison.

The Real Mohamed Morsi


A regime awaiting U.S. weapons has an Islamist leader who calls Israelis “bloodsuckers” and “the descendants of apes and pigs.”

Group 95: How the Muslim Brotherhood’s Thugs Took Over Tahrir Square and Terrorizes the Opposition


The Muslim Brotherhood’s army of thugs are centralized within Group 95. Group 95 is led by Osama Yassin, who acted as the field coordinator in Tahrir Square during the protests and who is now the Youth Minister, which was his role within the Brotherhood, making it obvious once again that the Muslim Brotherhood is recreating the Egyptian government in its own image.

A ‘Sudanese Genocide’ in Egypt?


Following down the same dark path as Islamist Khartoum.