“My Attackers Flung More Acid on My Back While they Yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’.


A terrorist impersonating a doctor made his way to Mulinda’s bed, carrying a syringe filled with poison.

Egyptians Democratically Choose Tyranny


Posters of the general hang in shop windows as businesses take advantage of the Sisi mania

Exposed: Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in the U.S.


A new list reveals the vast network of Islamist influence groups in America.

Alleged Recordings of Morsi and Al Qaeda Leader May Doom Muslim Brotherhood

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The agreement included opening military camps to train jihadists in Sinai.

The Morsi-Zawahiri Connection


Shocking claims from a former jihadist group leader.

Egypt’s Executioner Loves Allah, Killing People and Strangling Dogs

islamic law

“I am carrying out the law of Allah… My hobby was to catch a cat, to place a rope around its neck, to strangle it, and throw it into the water.”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Man in the White House


Obama’s affection for the Islamic supremacist group has been unstinting.

Murdered Christian Children: The Price of Obama’s Pro-Brotherhood Jihad


The true face of Obama’s Islamist political allies.

Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood Meet to Plot Terror in Egypt


The old gang is getting back together again.

Pakistan Condemns Israel for Violating Syrian Human Rights


It’s not a joke. It’s the UN.