Lessons from the Yom Kippur War


Could Israel’s most devastating conflict happen again?

Understanding Egypt’s Second Revolution


Where the U.S. went wrong.

When The Arab Spring Died


The movement that was born in Tunisia, dies in Tunisia.

Bye Bye Muslim Brotherhood – Egypt Bans Organization


NGOs in Egypt aren’t supposed to have their own private armies. The media is predictably refusing to report this aspect of the story.

A Christian Pogrom in Egypt


The unprecedented purge following Morsi’s ouster is only the tip of the iceberg.

Stealth Anti-Israelism from the British Media


Telling errors from the BBC on the jihad against the Jewish State.

Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Operative Arrested in Egypt

Gehad el-Haddad

Gehad el-Haddad taken into custody for inciting violence.

The Egyptian Pyramid Scheme


The truth about the Arab Spring is that it never existed.

Watching the Middle East Implode


Why the source of the region’s misery can be found in the Koran.

Something About Mohammed: Egyptian Islamists Can’t Stop Kissing Morsi

And they say there are no gays in Egypt

Is there an explanation for the outbreak of Morsi loving?