Egyptian Mosques Encouraged Attacks on Coptic Christians


During the attack itself, Adly says that mosques used their microphones to entreat people to “undertake jihad” and “defend Islam.”

Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Brotherhood Outreach


Sens. McCain and Graham’s shameless visit to Cairo — and what our media failed to report.

Egypt May Jail Christian 9-Year-Old for “Blasphemy”

Massacre Those Who Insult Islam

Nabil and Nady are both illiterate and according to the parents could not have known what was written on those pages, found in among rubbish.

Muslim Preacher Warns Christian Women: “Wear a Hijab Or Get Raped”

hesham el ashry

He always greeted me cheerily, with a “Salaam” and a handshake. “I hate you,” he told me in August, with a smile. “I hate all Jews and Christians, anyone who is not a Muslim.”

How Muslim Thugs Suppressed the Christian Vote in Egypt


50,000 Islamists marched through the provincial capital, Assiut, chanting that Egypt will be “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians.” At their head rode several bearded men on horseback with swords in scabbards on their hips, evoking images of early Muslims conquering Christian Egypt in the 7th Century.

First They Came for the Jews and then the Christians


Between 1954 and 1956, 80,000 Egyptian Jews were expelled from Egypt. After the Egyptian military expelled Jews and outlawed Bahais and Shias, they started their campaign against Christians. Some 4 million Egyptian Christians have emigrated from Egypt over the last 60 years.

Egyptian Christians Under Attack

Mideast Egypt Sectarian Clashes

Muslims attack Coptic Christians in Egypt — while the new “enlightened” government looks the other way.

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Egypt’s Christians In Peril


The Christmas Eve Massacre and other attacks on the Muslim country’s religious minorities.