Obama’s Share of the Youth Vote Shrank, Romney’s Share Increased


A new study notes that Romney actually picked up 5 percent more of the youth vote than McCain, while Obama’s share of the youth vote fell.by 6 percent.

Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama


As the governor of a disaster-stricken state, it wasn’t unreasonable for Christie to put on a show with Obama. He could have toned it down a bit, but Christie is a blue state governor who has played the Obama card before.

Will Obama Launch a War as an October Surprise?

afghanistan obama tank student driver

On the one side, military action tends to shift attention over to the man in the White House and gives its occupant a bump in the polls. Even Carter got one, which means that Obama might too. But the other side the American people really don’t want another war

Has Obama Really Stood on the “Side of Democracy” or on the “Side of Islamists”?


Today, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, and the man in control of the Al Jazeera terrorist propaganda network paid a visit to Hamas, Last year Obama said that his talks with the Emir centered on the peace process, “We discussed our mutual interest in seeing a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

Obama’s Top 5 Foreign Policy Debate Lies


“In Egypt we stood on the side of democracy. In Libya we stood on the side of the people. And as a consequence there is no doubt that attitudes about Americans have changed,” Obama said.

Meet the Horse Soldiers Who Won the War in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

De Oppresso Liber

Co-ordinating military operations while on horseback with local tribal warlords, the Green Berets accomplished in weeks what many thought would take months, if not years; defeating the Taliban and pushing surviving members of al-Qaeda into the mountains of Pakistan.

UN Now Openly Interfering in Presidential Election


Ben Emmerson, a notorious defender of terrorists and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights decided to go ahead and threaten Americans with legal action if they vote for Romney.

Is This the Year We Recognize the Failure of Progressivism?


What the demise of the EU really means.

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Smoke and Mirrors on the Campaign Trail


What Romney must do to break through the fog.

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Bringing Life Back to the Party


What a winning platform for the Republican nominee would look like.

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