Candy Crowley’s Benghazi Lifeline to Obama


Debate moderator backs up the president’s deception on his handling of a terror attack.

Biden, Obama and the Politics of Personal Destruction


The vice president’s debate nastiness is the new Obama campaign strategy.

Romney Surges


Dramatic changes in the polls spell trouble for Obama.

How the Left Keeps Blacks in Line: The Stacey Dash Chapter


Former Obama-supporting actress throws her support behind Mitt Romney — and suffers the consequences.

Is the Election Delaying Nidal Hasan’s Trial?


Why the legal wrangling slowing the case down may be about more than just the jihadist’s beard.

Chavez’s Victory: Blame the Socialist Public


Not even the systematic dismantling of their democracy could make socialist Venezuelans show Chavez the door.

Uncertain Future for Western Influence in Eastern Europe


Election results in the Republic of Georgia stoke fears of rising Russian sway over its old stomping grounds.

The Celebrity Left’s Obsession with Obscenity


What it says about the left – and the right.

Polling Shenanigans


Mainstream pollsters predict greater Democratic turnout than the historic 2008 election.

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The New York Times and New Black Panthers Protect Election Lawbreakers


Decent Americans seeking to improve the election process are smeared and slandered by the paper’s lies.

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