The Billionaire and the Terrorist

Picture 5

Two Norwegian celebrities cast their votes.

Socialists on the Campaign Trail

It’s election season in Norway.

The Brotherhood’s Reach For Jihad


Ousted Islamists organize their counter-attack — with the help of Al Qaeda and Hamas.

The Truth About Iran’s New ‘Centrist’ President

Hassan Rouhani press conference

Exposing a Khomeini true believer.

A Victory for Election Integrity


A game-changing decision from the Supreme Court — but the Left prepares for revenge.

Obama Takes the ‘Moderate’ Iranian President’s Bait?


Beware the “reformer” smokescreen.

Iran’s Puppet Presidency


Why the hope for a new direction for the Islamic Republic is futile.

Allen West: How Conservatives Can Win the War

Picture 1

A military strategist dissects the political battlefield at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

Chavez’s Vicious Legacy Lives On


But a weakened successor gives some hope for the future of Venezuela.

Lawless Left Targets Pennsylvania Voter ID Laws


Why conservatives must inject passion into the fight to improve the integrity of our elections.