Iran’s Puppet Presidency


Why the hope for a new direction for the Islamic Republic is futile.

Allen West: How Conservatives Can Win the War

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A military strategist dissects the political battlefield at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

Chavez’s Vicious Legacy Lives On


But a weakened successor gives some hope for the future of Venezuela.

Lawless Left Targets Pennsylvania Voter ID Laws


Why conservatives must inject passion into the fight to improve the integrity of our elections.

When Will the GOP Pursue Policies Americans Care About?


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Reviving the Cause

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Conservative heavyweights relay insight and inspiration at the Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat.

Double-Voting for Obama


Activist of Soros-funded group admits her crime — but more is beneath the surface.

South Carolina Primary: Mark Sanford vs. Teddy Turner?

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The race to fill Republican Tim Scott’s vacant congressional seat takes unexpected turns.

About the Next Israeli Government


What to expect from the new governing coalition.

What’s Next for Israel?


Post-election factions must align to minimize damage from the Obama administration.