Demographics Is Destiny


How governments choose the people they govern.

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Egypt’s President Rolls the Dice for Sharia


An effort to reinstate the Islamist-led parliament puts the military and Muslim Brotherhood on a collision course.

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Libya’s Sharia Mandate


The only question is how much Islamic law, how soon.

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New York Times: Sheldon Adelson Is Evil — But George Soros Isn’t


Leftist mega-funders never seem to get the bad press of conservative donors.

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Islamists, Military on a Collision Course in Egypt


Muslim Brotherhood weighs its options after having power snatched from its grasp.

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Voting in Egypt as ‘Holy War’ to Empower Sharia


Indisputable evidence that, for many Muslims, elections are simply a gateway to Islamic theocracy.

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The War on Men


Democrats suffer from a gender gap, too.

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Jihad: When Elections Fail


If elections go the way of Islamists, peace reigns; if not, terror returns.

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Taxes and Elections


The number of millionaires and their incomes have fallen sharply.

The Glazov Gang: When Egypt Fell


A distinguished panel joins Jamie Glazov’s new television program to discuss the Islamists’ victory in Egypt.