Sanity Prevails, Spitzer Loses

Spitzer’s numbers appeared invincible. And he had a whole lot of money and media time.

Weiner, Spitzer Doing Really Badly with Jewish Voters


77% of Weiner voters favor Spitzer.

Scandal Recovery Memo for Politicians: Stop Engaging in Scandalous Behavior


First Weiner failed to get the memo and now Spitzer

The Real Reason Spitzer Shouldn’t Run Isn’t Hookers, It’s Psychosis


“I will be coming after you,” Mr. Spitzer said. “You will pay the price. This is only the beginning and you will pay dearly for what you have done.”

Spitzer Joins Weiner in Return to Politics


“I am going to be on the street corners,” he said. “We will be out across the city.”

Al Gore’s Current TV is Going Out of Business


Current TV was supposed to be an even more left wing MSNBC for those who thought Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton were right wingers. Current TV functioned as a kind of filter trap for washed up lefties. And now Current TV is washed up.