The Truth About the Cuban ‘Embargo’ — on The Glazov Gang


Humberto Fontova exposes Obama’s rescue of a fascist tyranny.

Obama Comes to Castro’s Rescue — on The Glazov Gang


Humberto Fontova unveils how the Radical-in-Chief threw a lifeline to a dying tyranny.

The Truth About the Cuban ‘Embargo’

ministerio del inerior

A lucrative deal for the Castro brothers.

Obama Comes to Castro’s Rescue

U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg

The U.S. becomes the new patron of a monstrous communist regime.

“The Smartest Woman in the World” Flunks Her Foreign Policy Exam


Hillary and her Castro romance.

Chamber of Commerce Chief in Havana: End the Embargo


Pro-business outreach to a communist regime?

US Embargo on Cuba Prevents Child Sex Tourism


Here’s one more reason why Hollywood lefties are so upset about the embargo on Castro’s Socialist paradise.

The Last Chance to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Quest?


Expect strikes against Arab countries and even the West as the regime grapples with sanctions.

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