Obama’s Attack on Workers


Obama’s pivot to raising the minimum wage — and destroying jobs for the marginalized.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Heroic Stand Against Amnesty

large_Sessions made up mind

Conservative senator fights back against a legislative monstrosity.

Massive Job Growth Needed to Support Amnesty

US senators attend news conference at Capitol on immigration reform.

Why the unemployed in America will be the first to suffer from immigration “reform.”

Reminder: How Mexico Treats ‘Undesirable’ Foreigners


Just racist “nativism”?

Minimum Wage Mandates: The Tools of Racists Everywhere


The shameful history of state-controlled pay and how minorities still suffer from it.

Liberalism Versus Blacks


50 years of failed ideology.

Fairer Taxes in Russia Than America?


How the “fiscal cliff” deal will punish job producers.

How Obama’s ‘DREAMers’ Will Get Social Security Numbers and Become Legal Residents


A “glitch” in the system?

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Curse of the White Aborigine


When black is white, race is fiction and free speech is a crime.

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The Fallacy of “Fairness”


Like it or not, success will never be equally distributed.