Patriotic Film Provokes PC Scorn


No real-world enemies allowed.

With Friends Like These


America’s enemies line up to back Obama.

Shining Light on the Darkness — on The Glazov Gang

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Nonie Darwish, Eric Allen Bell and Dr. Nancy Bonus open up about what motivates them to fight for American liberty.

Sanctioned Torture Under Islam — on The Glazov Gang


Nonie Darwish, Eric Allen Bell and Dr. Nancy Bonus shed light on the barbaric institution of Muslim slavery.

How Our Enemies Brainwash America — on The Glazov Gang

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Announces Educational Initiative

Nonie Darwish, Eric Allen Bell and Dr. Nancy Bonus shed light on how jihadis get our leaders to do their bidding.

Faith and Fiction


A thriller writer and an FBI veteran eschew sermonizing for suspense in two Christian fiction hits.

Caroline Glick: The NIF and the next war – Jerusalem Post

A regional war may well be approaching. The actions and statements of Iran and its Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian proxies over the past week or so indicate that this is what Israel’s enemies are gunning for.In preparing for this growing threat, Israel’s leaders need to consider more than just the military challenges it faces. They […]

Alicia Colon: Why Won’t the MSM Cover Islam? – Big Journalism

There are many things on the World Wide Web that are not suitable for public viewing but that should be required viewing for journalists and political figures to alert them to the horrors that exist in some parts of the world. This should not be to incite but rather to rinse away their naïveté in […]

Muslim Guerilla Training in New York – by


Never-before-seen footage of terrorist training at “Islamberg.”

Frederick W. Kagan and William Kristol: Support the President, Weekly Standard

President Obama has ordered sufficient reinforcements to Afghanistan to execute a war strategy that can succeed. We applaud this decision. And we urge everyone to rally round the effort to defeat our enemies and accomplish objectives vital to America’s national security.Obama’s decision, and the speech in which it was announced, were not flawless. The president […]