Ibn Warraq Takes on Fact, Fiction, and Freedom


A call for defending the West without apology.

The State of the Jews


Edward Alexander’s sometimes shocking overview of a besieged people.

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North Korea, Iran, and the Lessons of History


The wages of appeasement.

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U.K. Thought Police Send Man to Prison


Another victim claimed by Islamic blasphemy laws in the West.

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Will There Always Be an England?


The price a country will pay for Sharia puppets controlling its biggest news source.

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The Gaza Death Cult Speaks

Salem Abu Al-Futouh: “I salute those mujahideen, who met their death in support of the Palestinian people. I wish that I could have been among them. I wish I were among their martyrs today. [...]
“This foundling entity, which was planted in the midst of the Islamic nation, came into being with the blessing of England [...]

The Appeaser


The troubling unwillingness of Obama to confront our enemies and protect our friends.

Climate Consensus or Con?

Climate Change

An Oxford Union Society debate exposes climate change alarmism for the fraud it is.

Harry Potter and the Vanishing Jihad


Has J.K. Rowling sent us a coded message?

The Wrong Man


Geert Wilders is on trial in the Netherlands, but who should the authorities really be prosecuting?