EPA’s ‘Crucifixion’ of Energy Sector Exposed


A glimpse into the zealotry governing Obama’s out-of-control agency.

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Obama’s EPA Terrorizes Couple Over Their Dream Home


A harrowing tale that illustrates just how out of control the environmentalist agency is.

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Regulators Gone Wild


The green assault on America.

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Fracking’s Future Attacked


Congress seeks to shut down much needed clean energy supply.

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The EPA, Starring In James Cameron’s The Oil Spill

What to do when you are totally inept and in way over your heads? Call in Hollywood and turn a disaster into a disaster film! At least, that’s what our illustrious federal government does now, under the king of all things scripted and illusionary, President Obama.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than Shakira [...]

The Government Greenpeace


Lisa Jackson’s increasingly radical Environmental Protection Agency launches a new scheme to damage the economy.

Glass Dismissed


Does it really make sense to recycle glass?

Top Idiots Of The Week Awards

Nancy Morgan’s weekly Idiot Awards

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D–CA) earns our Top Idiot of the Week award. He is caught laughing out loud when a staff member from Ari David For Congress suggests that they start [...]

The War on Coal


How a new regulatory scheme could undermine coal power and raise energy costs for Americans.

Politicizing Smog – by Rich Trzupek


The Obama administration’s new smog standards will mean higher costs for millions of Americans.