The Environmentalist Eugenics of the Left


Killing for “climate change.”

The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult


A fundamental incoherence about humans and their relationship to nature — and how it harms our economic interests.

President Obie


Counterculture rebels become the new oppressors.

Environmentalism Is the New Racism


Get ready for Global Warming wealth redistribution.

The Nation Claims Typhoon was “Message” from Mother Nature


“Is it a coincidence, ask some people who are not exactly religious, that the typhoon arrived during climate negotiations?”

Environmentalist Hugs Tree, Then Marries It

richard torres man-marries-tree

Marriage equality is truly transforming the world.

Rich, Arrogant and Stupid


The perils of forsaking traditional wisdom.

Time for Solar Energy and Wind Farm Supporters to Stop Living in the Stone Age


Solar and Wind energy is only advanced if you’re living in 1891.

Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation


Devastating news on the horizon for the climate change cult.

Ecofascism Marches On: “Let’s Put Our Air Conditioners on Ice Before It’s Too Late”


I can’t help but wonder whether cities like New York will ever prohibit stores from cooling their facilities below, say, 70°F.