Rich, Arrogant and Stupid


The perils of forsaking traditional wisdom.

Time for Solar Energy and Wind Farm Supporters to Stop Living in the Stone Age


Solar and Wind energy is only advanced if you’re living in 1891.

Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation


Devastating news on the horizon for the climate change cult.

Ecofascism Marches On: “Let’s Put Our Air Conditioners on Ice Before It’s Too Late”


I can’t help but wonder whether cities like New York will ever prohibit stores from cooling their facilities below, say, 70°F.

The Environmental Apocalypse

An Indian ragpicker searches for re-cycl

The movement to destroy human civilization as we know it.

The Lame-Brain Oil Divestment Campaign


The disturbing growth of an up-and-coming movement leading America to ruin.

US Military Gives Up on National Defense, Defends Gophers Instead


Under REPI (Readiness and Environmental Protection Initiative), the Department of Defense and other federal agencies have spent $397 million to protect 264,000 acres around bases

Obama’s Eco-Assault on America

Obama speaks at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland

Why the poor and middle class will suffer from Obama’s sop to wealthy enviro-radicals.

Obama Warns Growing Middle Class is Threatening the Environment


The one consistent thing with Obama is that the middle class is always the enemy.

The Energy Independent Future of Israel


Why the time has come to abandon the environmentalists.