EPA Spent $700,000 to Reduce Pig Flatulence in Thailand


$1,500,000 annually to store out-of-date and unwanted publications

EPA Wants to Make it More Expensive for Americans to Fly


Forget Green Energy. The real money is in Green Taxes.

Coal Miners Arrested Protesting Obama’s EPA

Climate Change EPA PA

Willing to go to jail, yes. Willing to stand up to the Democratic Party, no.

EPA Demands Power to Garnish Wages w/o Court Order


Under Obama, in 2012, the agency took in $252 million in fines, up from just $96 million in 2009.

Obama’s EPA Plotting to End 4th of July Fireworks


The left hates this nation, its freedom and its history.

Gov Hard Drive Crashes That Erase Corruption Emails Spread to EPA


If Republicans subpoena the Federal government, it will vanish in a mass of hard drive crashes.

Miners Say Obama’s War on Energy Will Cost 485,000 Jobs


The left has gone from treating miners like heroes to turning them into enemies of the state.

Obama’s Environmentalist Attack on America


The devastating consequences of the president’s unilateral enactment of cap-and-trade.

EPA Chief: If Your Dishwasher has an Energy Star Label, You Should Believe in Global Warming

gina mccarthy

“People and businesses around the world look to the EPA.”

EPA Chief: Global Warming Holding Back Millions of African-Americans


Black people are being held back by affordable food and gasoline.