The EPA’s Science Problem


Startling revelations about the agency’s misrepresentation of data.

Gibson Commemorates Obama’s Raid with Government Series Guitars


Gibson electric guitars have long been a means of fighting the establishment

Obama’s FDA Now Plotting to Ban Anti-Bacterial Soap


Antibacterial soaps used by hospitals are exempt

Top EPA Global Warming Expert Also Lied About Working for the CIA


He also claimed to be suffering from malaria that he got while serving in Vietnam

Government Shutdown to Delay EPA $1 Gallon Gas Price Hike


The EPA’s plans to make it even more expensive for Americans to drive a car were “shut down” by the government shutdown.

Insane EPA Chief Created Secret Alias, Gave It Awards and Certificates

Lisa Jackson

The EPA awarded certificates naming Jackson/Windsor a “scholar of ethical behavior.” under her secret alias.

EPA Pollution Mandate Forces Ambulance to Shut Down, Killing Patient

ObamaCare ambulance

“Fire trucks across the country are breaking down at record rates because of this filter system that EPA forces them to use,” the association said.

Here’s Your $40,000 EPA Chief Waterfall Portrait


Lisa Jackson was actually the embodiment of a nature spirit, who, when she was forced to quit after a fake email scandal, became transformed into a waterfall, and is now flowing somewhere in Virginia.

Disgraced EPA Chief Used Fake Name to Coordinate with Liberal Groups

New emails released show that Jackson used her fake “Richard Windsor” account to communicate with top liberal groups without them being aware of who she really was.

Homeowners Targeted With “Rain Tax” for Rain that Falls on their Property

New Orleans Commemorates 5th Anniversary Of Hurricane Katrina

King Canute may have ordered the tide to halt and King Xerxes may have ordered his men to whip the waters of the Dardanelles, but only King Hussein would contemplate taxing the rain.