Just How Corrupt Is the Obama Administration?


Is there anyone with the guts to take on the White House?

Oprah and Five Racial Double Standards


Toward that “honest” discussion of race that Eric Holder says he wants.

Holder Takes it Easy on Drug Dealers by Handicapping Prosecutors in Drug Cases


The prosecutor would write that “the defendant conspired to distribute cocaine” without saying how much.

How Obama Poisoned Race Relations in America

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A legacy of race hatred.

Racial Profiling in the Heartland


A case study in Indianapolis.

Obliging Eric Holder: Toward An Honest Discussion of Race


Some questions to get the conversation going.

Eric Holder’s Reign of Racial Terror


The DOJ’s threat to George Zimmerman.

IRS Targeted Candidates for Audits, Illegally Accessed Records, DOJ Covered it Up


Mr. Grassley has asked Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to explain why the Justice Department chose not to prosecute any of the cases.

Race-Industry Leeches


Will the DOJ pursue its self-serving, race-baiting agenda in the Zimmerman case?

Holder Signals He May Bring Federal Hate Crimes Charges Against Zimmerman


It’s win-win. Either Holder nails Zimmerman or he doesn’t, but either way the race-baiting drags on into another election.