Fort Hood Massacre Survivor Blasts Atty General Holder for Terrorism Denial


Every time Holder lays down at home in peace, Lunsford said, “he needs to understand he’s able to do that because of the blood that’s been shed by service members.”

Holder’s Department of Justice Helped Organize Sharpton’s Anti-Zimmerman Rally

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Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs and don’t teach Al Sharpton to organize a race riot.

The Perjury Rap Sheet of an Attorney General


The breeze of accountability flows toward Eric Holder.

Atty General Holder Felt “Creeping Personal Remorse” After Spying on FOX Reporter

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We are expected to believe that the ghost of Kwanzaa future visited Holder and convinced him to change his ways

Desperate Holder Throws Underlings Under the Bus


How long can the embattled Attorney General hang on?

Eric Holder: The Culture of Corruption Enforcer

Eric Holder

The Attorney General adds another item to the growing list of reasons why he should be impeached.

A First Term of Failure on Race Issues


Will four more years of Obama bring more economic devastation to the black community?

South Carolina Wins Voter ID Battle with Holder, NAACP, Asks for $3.5 Million


The civil rights organizations tried to persuade the court to not award costs against them because “their participation should be encouraged and because they cannot afford to pay.”

Operation Fast and Furious and the Massacre of Mexican Kids


Too many dead bodies for the administration to cover-up.

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Two Justice Department Officials Leave Over Damning Fast & Furious Report


But report doesn’t go far enough.

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