Eric Holder, You Have a Problem — on The Glazov Gang


Dr. Nancy Bonus, Eric Allen Bell and Karla Moxley battle it out on the Fast & Furious scandal.

Eric Holder’s Corrupt Agenda


Why all of the Department of Justice’s efforts are aimed at getting Barack Obama re-elected.

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Bringing Eric Holder to Justice


House Republicans’ planned effort to rein in the corrupt attorney general is long overdue.

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Eric Holder’s Amnesia on Fast & Furious — on The Glazov Gang


Will the Attorney General be held in contempt? The battle rages on Frontpage’s television debate program.

No Matter What… They’ll Call This Book Racist


Harry Stein talks honestly about race.

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Obama Threatens Florida over Purging Non-Citizen ‘Voters’


Deep corruption and the Justice Department’s mission to sabotage fair elections exposed.

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Holder’s Chutzpah


The attorney general is no longer hiding the racial hysteria driving his Department of Justice.

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Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder


New Freedom Center pamphlet unmasks the man at the helm of Obama’s Department of Injustice.

Community Organizers Mobilize to Save ObamaCare


Obama administration enlists one of America’s leading economic terrorist groups.

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Why the Left Doesn’t Care About Voter Fraud


Fun with Eric Holder.

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