Obama’s War on the Media


Why the press fears Obama like no president before.

Defense Contractor Employed Iranian Engineer Who Stole F-35 Plans


He was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport

Red Love


David Evanier’s tragicomic masterpiece parodies the 20th century’s most infamous communist couple.

World’s 2nd Largest Telecom Vendor Accused of Spying for China


The real problem here is that the US has become dependent on Chinese equipment for its information infrastructure

The Communist Experience in America


A new book examines the American communists who betrayed this country — and the leftist apologists who defend them.

Bill Clinton


  Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. His administration presided over the degradation of the American military. It failed to address the growing threat of Islamic terrorism. It compromised U.S. intelligence and made it vulnerable to Chinese espionage. It erected a “wall of separation” between law-enforcement and intelligence agencies, thereby making it […]