Palestinian Terrorism: Funded by the EU?

Mahmoud Abbas

The Europeans turn a blind-eye to where their financial support of the Palestinians goes.

EU Offers False Hope for Ukraine


Why trade one corrupt tyranny for another?

Switzerland Draws a Line on Immigration


And the EU goes on the warpath.

Europe’s Would-Be Masters


The EU prophets aren’t giving up.

How to Respond to EU Sanctions


Europe’s economic warfare against Israel must receive a serious answer.

The Letter Netanyahu Should Send to the EU


Some necessary preconditions for relinquishing the “occupied territories” to the Arab Palestinians.

The EU’s Broken Mideast Compass


Boycotting Israel while giving Hezbollah a free pass.

Germany Revives the Jewish Boycott


Where are the calls for economic sanctions against real human rights abusers?

Obama Threatens UK With Economic Penalties if it Leaves EU

President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister David Cameron in Washingto

The Obama administration has warned British officials that if the UK leaves Europe it will exclude itself from a US-EU trade and investment partnership

EU Ends Arms Embargo on Syrian Rebels for the “Protection of Civilians”

syrian terrorists

Apparently the only way to protect civilians is to give weapons to terrorists.