The Bleak Prospects for Europe’s Jews


A new report’s dire assessment of the future of Judaism on the Continent.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?


European conduct in a time of conquest.

“Islamic Science” or Islamic Propaganda?


A traveling misinformation exhibit and its ties to Wahhabist Saudi Arabia.

Muslim Days of Rage


How many near-simultaneous jihadist acts does it take to awaken the West?

Obama Threatens UK With Economic Penalties if it Leaves EU

President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister David Cameron in Washingto

The Obama administration has warned British officials that if the UK leaves Europe it will exclude itself from a US-EU trade and investment partnership

Bahrain Calls Hezbollah Terrorists, Europe Still Unwilling

Can't we switch this to American Idol?

Europe’s move has less to do with Israel or domestic terrorism than with pandering to Muslim interests.

The Uniqueness of Western Civilization


Uncovering the secrets of the West’s success.

Norwegians: Outsiders in Their Own Country


More and more European teenagers feel like oppressed minorities in their own communities.

Austria Kisses the Islamist Crocodile


How the city of Mozart became the city of Jihad.

The Divine Hand of the Europeans


Why is Israel the only British-carved nation with negotiable borders?