Europe’s Muslim Hiterlites


Dutch TV shows Muslim kids praising Hitler and hoping for a new Holocaust.

Italian Election Proves European Union is Doomed


The Italian election has shown once again that the European Union is unworkable. Given a choice in democratic elections, the Greeks, the French and now the Italians, have voted for extremist and populist parties promising them that the debts will never have to come due.

Europe: A Continent in Flight


More and more people are abandoning their communities to escape Islamic tyranny.

Jews Under Muslim Attack in Europe


And what it should tell Washington about Israel and the Middle East.

“A Few Minutes To Twelve”: Wilders Warns


A warning of time running out for the West.

74-Year-Old German Woman Convicted of ‘Hate Speech’ Against Muslims


No mercy for the truth-tellers of Europe.

First Ayaan, Now Fiamma

Fiamma Nirenstein

Another courageous European parliamentarian departs Europe.

Europe: Staging Ground for Anti-Israeli Terror


Hezbollah declared perpetrator of deadly Bulgaria terrorist attack.

Bye-Bye London


The future disappears for Jews in England.

No Hebrew, Please — This Is Europe

Mail Attachment

Across a continent, Jews are being terrorized into hiding their identity.