The Meaning of the European Elections


Citizens put the European Union in the crosshairs.

‘Earthquake’ in the U.K.


Anti-EU party upsets all current paradigms of British politics.

EU Demands $$$ from Israel for Destruction of Illegal Muslim Settlements


“We should ask for compensation from Israel.”

EU Rules Electric Cars Must Make Noise

Daily Mail - News

Electric cars will make useless noises for no reason… just like the European Union.

Vienna Calling


Ami Horowitz exposes Iran’s “good faith” negotiations over its nuclear program.

Cold War Rematch in Kiev

APTOPIX Ukraine Protests

With Obama at the helm, this time the outcome may be different.

Ukraine Bleeding


Putin’s stooges ruthlessly crack down on Ukrainians’ cry for freedom and independence.

Heading Toward the EU Exit?


Promising news from both Britain and the Netherlands.

German-Israeli Relations Sliding Downward


A reliable friend changes course.

EU Dumps Green Energy Mandates, Embraces Fracking


Obama is now more left-wing on energy productivity than the EU.