An American Cyprus?


Everyone is scrambling to salvage what they can from an unsustainable system — are we next?

Road to Serfdom: Eurocrats to Seize Citizen Money from Bank Accounts


Residents of the welfare state system discover there’s no such thing as private property in post-bailout Europe.

Italian Election Proves European Union is Doomed


The Italian election has shown once again that the European Union is unworkable. Given a choice in democratic elections, the Greeks, the French and now the Italians, have voted for extremist and populist parties promising them that the debts will never have to come due.

Europe: Staging Ground for Anti-Israeli Terror


Hezbollah declared perpetrator of deadly Bulgaria terrorist attack.

The EU Ponders Crackdown on Journalism


A new report calls for sweeping media controls.

Anti-EU Brits Threatened with Losing Their Foster Kids


Stunning political persecution in the U.K.

Geert Wilders Still Going Strong


Islam critic and his supporters face down left-wing mob.

Nigel Farage on European Union’s Nobel Peace Prize


Shedding light on insanity.

The European Union’s Undeserved Peace Prize


What other entity presents a greater threat to European democracy today?

The Man Behind the Nobel Prize


What might explain the laughable selections of Barack Obama and the European Union.