Creeping Anti-Israelism in the Evangelical Movement


What some leaders are hiding from their Christian followers.

Evangelicals: Vital for American Support for Israel

We Stand with Israel

Why outreach is more important than ever.

U.S. Army Equates Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity with al-Qaeda and Hamas


All in a day’s work in the Obama administration.

Rise of the Anti-Israel Evangelicals


Bedrock support for the Jewish State among Christians comes under attack.

Anti-Israel Evangelical Left Perpetuates Palestinian Suffering


What the Middle East would look like if the Religious Left got its way.

Deranged Left-Wing Fundamentalist Syndrome


Welcome to Franky Schaeffer’s twisted world of hate.

The Religious Left and Hiroshima


Leftist Christians continue to deny reality about why the U.S. brought an end to Japan’s brutal war.

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The Jew Among the Christian Evangelicals


Why Romney’s visit to Israel was about much more than just “the Jewish vote.”

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Conscientious Tax-Cheats


Evangelical leftist protests the American “empire” by with holding federal taxes.

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Proselytizing for Palestine


The Religious Left preaches “Israeli apartheid” to turn followers against the Jewish State.