Negotiating with the Executors of Children


The young victims of the Iranian regime that Obama ignores.

Boston Marathon Jihad Murderer Tsarnaev Unrepentant

Boston Marathon Bombing

It’s not his character. It’s his religion that makes him remorseless.

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An Execution Wave Against LGBT Iranians


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Torturing Murderers to Death for the Greater Good

Electric Chair Doctor

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Statistics Show 4% of NY Times Reporters Are Serial Killers


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Lockett & Load


The details of Clayton Lockett’s heinous crimes that the media refuses to tell.

To Execute a Victim of Attempted Rape


The Islamic Republic unveils its true face. . .again.

Islam and Human Rights


Why there can never be compatibility between the two.

Iranian Prisoner Cries, Begs to See His Mother


How the Islamic Republic terrorizes and controls its people.