Abbas the ‘Moderate’


Despite his polished appearance, the Palestinian leader’s words betray his true intentions.

Conservative Enemies of the State


Obama brainwashes soldiers into hating right-wingers.

Jihad in Boston?

Boston Marathon Explo_Lieb

The politics of a terror attack.

Celebrating Anti-Israel Extremists


Radical leftists pose a threat to Israel and America — and are adored by Western journalists.

Dershowitz vs. Tenured Extremists


No academic freedom of speech for the defenders of Israel.

Playing Freedom Cheap


How the Obama administration nurtures resentment to foster big government.

The Pathology of Jewish Anti-Semitism


Why are some Jews leading the war against Israel?

Blinded by Hate


The Palestinians’ support for Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda explains much about the failures of the “peace process.”

Tolerance for Terror

Obama 2008

Why the Obama administration resists the appropriate response to the threats to our freedoms and lives.

Obama takes steps to bolster security –

Declaring that “the buck stops with me,” President Obama on Thursday released the results of an internal investigation into the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt and ordered a series of incremental measures meant to close gaps in the U.S. intelligence system that failed to detect it in advance.The president avoided blaming any particular agency or […]