Facebook Exec to Attend Islamist Group’s Event on “Countering Internet Hate”


Censorship. It’s coming.

Obama’s Facebook Strategy for Ukraine


The Twitterer-in-Chief vs. the KGB.

Robert Reich Doesn’t Understand WhatsApp or the Internet


Robert Reich, a wealthy cabinet member and Washington insider, decided to reinvent himself as a social justice crusader for income equality. This is funny to anyone except a liberal because Reich is just another wealthy political insider who doesn’t understand economics trying to be Mr. OWS. Glomming onto anything timely, Reich concern trolls Facebook’s purchase […]

Islamic Judge Orders Syrian Girl Stoned to Death for Facebook Account


The judge ruled that having a Facebook account was immoral behavior

Healthcare.gov has 25 Times More Code than Facebook


Healthcare.gov couldn’t handle a few thousand users while having 10 times more code than a social networking site with a billion users.

Female Suicide Bombers: ‘Palestine’s Illustrious Women’


Telling posts from the “moderate” Palestinians’ Facebook page.

Further Evidence that the Palestinians Are America’s Enemies


An ode to “hero” Saddam Hussein.

Turkish-Islamist Infiltration of Germany

Picture 13

A Facebook picture tells a 1,000 words.

Facebook to Pay Zero Taxes, Will Receive $429 Million Tax Refund


In entirely unrelated news, Facebook employees were the 10th highest Silicon Valley company donors to Obama.

French Socialist Government Comes Up With Crazy Plan to Tax Facebook Users as Employees


French president François Hollande has an idea. In a report, Hollande argues the French government should tax Internet companies like Google and Facebook based on their collection of personal data about their users.