Turkish-Islamist Infiltration of Germany

Picture 13

A Facebook picture tells a 1,000 words.

Facebook to Pay Zero Taxes, Will Receive $429 Million Tax Refund


In entirely unrelated news, Facebook employees were the 10th highest Silicon Valley company donors to Obama.

French Socialist Government Comes Up With Crazy Plan to Tax Facebook Users as Employees


French president François Hollande has an idea. In a report, Hollande argues the French government should tax Internet companies like Google and Facebook based on their collection of personal data about their users.

Why Allow Terrorists to Use Social Media?


Are American companies complicit in jihadist PR?

Israel, the Start-Up Nation


The ideology behind the Jewish State’s prosperity.

Professor Sues Purdue for Violation of his Free Speech Rights on Islam


A Frontpage Exclusive with Purdue University Professor Maurice Eisenstein.

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Facebook Founder Goes Galt


Eduardo Saverin fled Brazil to escape being held for ransom — only to later face the tax madness of Chuck Schumer.

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The Glass Ceiling Myth


It isn’t sexism, it’s reality – for the most part.

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Media Swoon Over ‘Techie’ Obama


How necessary is technological know-how to the presidency?

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