Black People Duped


Why political power hasn’t solved black socioeconomic problems.

America’s Education System Isn’t Broken


Schools aren’t failing children — families are failing children.

It’s Not Fecundophobia, It’s Familyphobia


The left has few children.It’s afraid of being “outbred”

Bill O’Reilly Is Smarter Than Lawrence O’Donnell


Why the disintegration of the family is the source of the black “culture of poverty.”

How Melanie Phillips Became a Culture Warrior

melanie phillips

An enemy of the Left tells her story.

Who Needs the Family?


By killing the building block of society, the Left is killing its own future — and ours.

Gun Problem or Fatherless Problem?


The face of gun violence in America is not Sandy Hook. It’s Chicago.

Broken Families are Largest Cause of Latino Poverty, Democratic Affiliation


The broken family is what links upscale liberals and their minority clients to their dependency on the state.

A Man or a Woman: What’s the Diff?


Social engineering with a vengeance.

Anna Parashkevova, RIP

One of the great perks of being associated with the Washington D.C.-based Phillips Foundation is meeting young, enterprising journalists setting out to make their mark in the world. Anna Parashkevova (Anna Moya by marriage), was very much in that category. Born in Bulgaria, she immigrated to the United States with her family, went on to [...]