Obama DOJ Refuses to Release Fast and Furious Docs


Will the administration be able to run out the clock?

The Killer of Brian Terry is Finally in Custody, his Gun Dealer is Still the Attorney General


It’s hard to enforce the law when the top cop is a criminal.

Obama Vows to Crack Down on Gun Trafficking to Mexican Cartels


Can we get some common sense reforms to prevent Attorney Generals from trafficking guns to Mexican drug cartels?

Obama’s Fast and Furious Rifle Kills Mexican Police Chief, Wounds Wife

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As they like to say over in D.C. “You can’t make gun control without shooting a few Mexican police chiefs.”

Uncovering the Camp Bastion Cover-Up


A bloody scandal that belongs alongside Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

Attorney General Eric Holder Promises to Investigate Himself and Send Himself to Prison


Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t just kill 300 Mexicans, he also killed irony.

List of 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in Washington Includes 4 Obama Cabinet Members


You have to admit that Obama Inc. is nothing if not ambitious. Some administrations would be satisfied with having only one member of its cabinet show up on the list of the ten most corrupt politicians in government. But Obama Inc doesn’t give up until it scores four of the spots.

Double Standards on Death


The Obama administration’s selectivity on gun violence.

Operation Fast and Furious and the Massacre of Mexican Kids


Too many dead bodies for the administration to cover-up.

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The Obama Administration’s Deadly Scandals


Damning new details emerging in Fast and Furious and Benghazi debacles.

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