Palestinian Authority News Praises Killers of 3 Israeli Teens as “Martyrs”

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

There’s no difference between Hamas and the PLO

Obama’s Official Peace Partner for Israel Brags About Killing 11,000 Jews

abbas peace partner

According to Obama, Abbas is Israel’s “true partner” in peace.

Obama’s New Plan for Hamas

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

How the president is working to strengthen Israel’s enemies.

US Taxpayer Funded Palestinian Authority Terrorists Firing Rockets at Israel


Hamas, Fatah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are united by “one God, one homeland, one enemy, one goal.”

PLO and Hamas Still Unable to Make Peace w/Each Other… Let Alone Israel

Not even the holy 8-ball of Islam can help

The so-called Palestinians can’t make peace with each other.

Palestinian Official: Soak the Land with Blood to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem

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Israel’s “peace partners” in their own words.

Hamas & the Palestinian Authority: Brothers to Spill Jewish Blood


Time for civilized people everywhere to finally stand with Israel against its terrorist enemy.

Israel’s “Peace Partners” Complain About Lack of Al Qaeda Attacks on Israel

abbas hamas

“We haven’t seen one [terrorist] action carried out by them,” he complained.

Palestinian Authority: Unity w/Hamas Dedicated to Destroying Israel Does Not Contradict Peace Talks w/Israel


Israel called off a session of talks in response to the deal with Hamas

Palestinian Arab Ambassador Killed in Mysterious Explosion also had Weapons Cache


The discovered arsenal was enough to arm a unit of 10 men.