War on Christmas Comes to Muslim-Run Bethlehem (VIDEO)

muslim christmas tree3

Vandals had cut the electric cable surrounding the sign to ensure that it would not be lit up during the night. Barraged with phone calls from the local community, the municipality informed Pastor Khoury that many are campaigning asking us to take down the sign.

Palestinian Authority Terrorists Fired 516 Rockets at Israel


The good news is that these are “our terrorists”, the ones that we’re funding with taxpayer money and providing training for. The bad news is that they’re still terrorists.

Palestinian Authority Terrorist Group Carries Out Tel Aviv Bus Bombing


With the exchanges of rockets and bombs, many people have forgotten how terrorists prefer to do kill civilians. And while Israel has effectively shut down Hamas’ access to Israel, it hasn’t isolated the West Bank nearly as well as it has Gaza.

Hamas Grows in Popularity Among Palestinians


Years of terror campaigns have only made the rulers of Gaza more popular.

A Suggestion for the Israel-Palestinian Impasse


A first step toward progress.

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My Dinner with Mustafa and Marwan


When Palestinian leaders feast — while imploring their people to starve.

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Palestinian ‘Reconciliation’ a Blessing in Disguise?


Why the death of the “peace process” farce may benefit the Netanyahu government in dealing with Iran.

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Voices of Palestine: Abbas Zaki


Top leader advises Palestinians to pursue the destruction of Israel, but to “keep it to yourself.”

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Voices of Palestine: Fathi Hamad 


A top Hamas leader celebrates death by extolling the virtues of using women and children as human shields.  

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Voices of Palestine: Sheik Ismail Aal Radhwan


Top Hamas official working on the Hamas-Fatah unity deal believes anyone negotiating with Jewish apes and pigs will burn in hell.

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