Bridge for sale: Hamas says it’s working to curb rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza

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Eliminating the competition and simultaneously helping Obama make his case that the Palestinian leadership is “moderate” — and should be given a state that bisects Israel.
“Hamas ‘working to curb Gaza rocket attacks,’” from the BBC, April 2 (thanks to Carl):
Leaders of the Hamas militant movement which controls [...]

The War on Error

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My idea of a “big footprint” is our military unleashed against the enemy, leaving their cheerleaders terrified, and then getting the hell out of that hell.
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Click image to reveal what the enemy is really killing & dying for….

And don’t worry boys, there’s 71 more for each of you where she came from… but only if you kill yourselves alone.
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Inspired by this story in the WSJ.
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Pigman puts the enemy’s much advertised love of death to the test.
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