The Million Muslim March and Its Foreign Islamist Ties


Truthers and Hamas supporters to join forces in Washington.

Islamophilia Unmasked


A new book by Douglas Murray performs a valuable service.

Ben Shapiro Exposes Leftist Bullies at Horowitz’s Wednesday Morning Club


Shillman Journalism Fellow outlines how the Left’s culture of fear and intimidation silences America.

Shadow of the Gun


How the Left’s promotion of fire arms fear instills learned helplessness in our children.

Center For American Progress’ Anti-Semitism Exposed in Mainstream Media


A stealth strategy coordinated with the Obama administration?

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American Liberals and Iranian Mullahs Peddle Fear


New section added to our must-read pamphlet: Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future.

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Is America a Police State?


A new book condemns the trial of Communist Party USA bosses — and refutes its own conclusions along the way.

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Where is Our Contract with America?


Republicans can’t rely on anti-Obama sentiment alone.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: March 25, 2010

So why the continuing lies? The reason is this: The truth is too embarrassing. Imagine what it would be like for Betty Friedan (the name actually is Friedman) to admit that as a Jew she opposed America’s entry into the war against Hitler because Stalin told her that it was just [...]

The Silence of the Lambs


Why are Christians failing to speak out against the evils perpetrated in the name of Islam?