Obama’s Universal Pre-School Push

State Of Union

The president seeks to add another statist layer to society.

Social Security: Even More Insolvent Than You Thought


Its actuaries have been blowing the calculations, and there is no “buffer.”

Too Much College


What has all that federal funding really accomplished?

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Catholics vs. Obama


A lawsuit finds the administration on the losing side of a war it started with the Church.

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Stopping the EPA


An eleventh-hour court ruling saved the day for struggling Americans.

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Government Lies and Gullible Americans


Why the proposed federal cellphone-driving ban is another camel’s nose under the tent.

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Bureaucrats Paid for Not Working


Obama’s egregious executive order diverting federal money to unions.

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CPAC – Senator Jim DeMint continues…

“Every Congressman and Senator takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  I think it’s time they started taking that oath seriously.  Freedom includes the freedom for mismanaged institutions to fail.  There is a battle raging in Washington now between those who want to defend the Constitution and those who wish to disregard it.
I [...]

Mystery Billboard In Minnesota

There is a billboard along I-35 near Wyoming, Minn., with a huge photo of former president George W. Bush and this question: “Miss Me Yet?”

Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio has verified that this is not an internet hoax or photoshop photo. And he’s trying to find out who is responsible:

“There’s no [...]

A New Era of Responsibility?


President’s proposed 2011 budget is a fiscal sham.