Communist Dictator of Cholera-Ridden Country Offers US Help Fighting Ebola

Pictured: Cuban Medicine

If Michael Moore catches Ebola, we’ll be sure to ship him your way

Fidel Castro Finally Appears in Public


How the media reacted to the rare appearance of their favorite dictator.

Cuban Dictator Tells Entire Country of Drunk Pig-Raising Public Urinators to Get Off His Lawn

Raising pigs

The family that ran Cuba into the ground is now complaining that the Cuban people are just too gauche.

Common Core ‘Exemplars': Graphic Sex and Praising Castro


What the few remaining literary books on the national standards list will be teaching students.

Hugo Chavez’s Disastrous Legacy


Can Venezuela be saved?

Obama’s America has Worse GDP Growth than Cuba

obama mehico2b

What it took Castro over 50 years to Cuba, Obama has managed to accomplish in less than four years

Remembering a Cuban Dissident


Oswaldo Payá gave his life for the cause of a free Cuba.

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Raul Castro’s Daughter Endorses Obama


San Francisco audience cheers support from mouthpiece of murderous Cuban regime.

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Why Would a Pro-Castro Sentiment Only Offend Cubans?


How the Left brought admiration for a mass-murdering dictator into the mainstream.

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Cuba’s False Dawn


Raul Castro’s ascendance keeps the totalitarian torch burning.

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