Muslims Rage Against Offending Filmmakers


So much for the “Arab Spring.”

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The Fate of Roger Ebert’s Legacy

“I’m so relieved to be an elite” –tweet from Roger Ebert
Most public figures have done or said something they wish they could take back. When it comes to public intellectuals and film critics specifically, they generally pride themselves on their ability to analyze what they see. Therefore, their responses to culture should be very measured [...]

Does Ben Shapiro Think Cyrus Nowrasteh is a “Pervert” Like Darren Aronofsky For Daring To Show Disturbing Truths in “Soraya”?

Ben Shapiro was kind enough to take me up on my offer to respond to my critique of his assault on the career of my favorite director, Darren Aronofsky.
Before beginning, I would like to thank Ben for his kind opening remarks about his respect for me. I also respect Ben for his extraordinary achievements and [...]

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