Obama’s America: Jailed for Blaspheming Against Islam


The Obama administration’s war on free speech claims its most high-profile victim.

Banning ‘Hate Speech’ at UC?


The wrong approach to battling anti-Israel bias on California campuses.

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Calls for a European First Amendment Grow


Time to take Europe back.

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First Amendment for Jihad?


The outrageous story of Tareq Mehanna.

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Guilty of Insulting Islam


“Zombie Mohammed” and atheist Ernest Perce discusses his fight for free speech and the case that caused a national controversy.

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How Obama Destroys His Enemies


The latest strategy.

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Spinning the Obama-conomy


The dire economic facts the president and his allies are trying desperately to conceal.

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‘San Francisco Chronicle’ Reprints UCSB’s Lies about Viewpoint Discrimination against Horowitz Event


First Amendment rights on campus take another hit.

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Leftist Censors Defeated at UC Santa Barbara


The First Amendment triumphs.

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Victory for Free Speech on Campus: Federal Court Strikes Down Gun Rights Protest Restrictions at Tarrant County College

Late yesterday, in a striking victory for the First Amendment on campus, a federal district court in Texas ruled that a number of restrictions on students’ speech at Tarrant County College (TCC) are unconstitutional.