House May Be Holding Firm on Spending Cuts


This battle is a good thing and it may end up doing for the Republican Party in 2014 what the ObamaCare debate did in 2010 by giving the Republican Party renewed energy and fight after a loss.

Far from the Fiscal Cliff Finish Line


A House vote looms.

Grab Your Parachute


No deal yet on fiscal cliff.

The Freedom Cliff


A new year brings a new term of tyranny under Obama.

Debt Ceiling Disaster Ahead

The fiscal cliff showdown is eclipsing the much more dangerous problem the country faces.

Going Over the Cliff


As time runs out, options disappear.

Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Will Increase Spending by %55


Back under George W. Bush we had a mere 239 billion dollar deficit. These days a 239 billion dollar deficit is as fanciful as a trip to the moon. By 2016, the last year of Obama, unless he decides to go full FDR and go for a third term, we’ll be spending over 4 trillion a year.

Fiscal Cliff: Democrats Fiddle While Nation Burns


Even if a deal is reached, the entitlement fix is already in.

The Hopeless Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Barack Obama, John Boehner

With the clock winding down, the math still doesn’t add up.

Our Government-Created Financial Crisis


Why the only solution to our long-term problems is less government.