CAIR-Florida’s New Islamic Extremist Youth


Hezbollah support is strong in the Sunshine State.

Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother in Florida


Is Nabil el-Shukri trying to fill the shoes of his extremist lineage?

Alan Grayson Wants $20.14 for Being Called “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes”


“I’m willing to stand up in the face of this brutal character assassination, but I need your help.”

Florida Loss Spells Doom for Democrats


Obamacare supporters hit the panic button.

Does the Qur’an Teach Hate?


A controversy in Florida illuminates the question that must not be asked.

Diana Nyad Desecrates 50,000 Graves


A willing propaganda tool for a Stalinist killer.

Jesse Jackson Jumps the Selma Civil Rights Shark


Jesse Jackson is comparing Florida to Selma and South Africa, based on a single case whose outcome he didn’t like.

Jesse Jackson Vows to “Bring Down” Florida like South Africa


Considering that the GDP of Illinois is behind Florida and Chicago is basically a Detroit waiting to happen, Jesse Jackson might look to his own backyard

Congressional Black Caucus to Protest Verdict by Putting Black People Out of Work


A number of House Democrats are lining up behind the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s threat for an economic boycott of Florida

Jesse Jackson Declares Florida an “Apartheid State”


I wonder if the large Jewish community in Florida had something to do with Jesse Jackson’s decision