Al-Qaeda’s Younger Brother in Florida


Is Nabil el-Shukri trying to fill the shoes of his extremist lineage?

Alan Grayson Wants $20.14 for Being Called “Chief Maggot of All Liberal Lowlifes”


“I’m willing to stand up in the face of this brutal character assassination, but I need your help.”

Florida Loss Spells Doom for Democrats


Obamacare supporters hit the panic button.

Does the Qur’an Teach Hate?


A controversy in Florida illuminates the question that must not be asked.

Diana Nyad Desecrates 50,000 Graves


A willing propaganda tool for a Stalinist killer.

Jesse Jackson Jumps the Selma Civil Rights Shark


Jesse Jackson is comparing Florida to Selma and South Africa, based on a single case whose outcome he didn’t like.

Jesse Jackson Vows to “Bring Down” Florida like South Africa


Considering that the GDP of Illinois is behind Florida and Chicago is basically a Detroit waiting to happen, Jesse Jackson might look to his own backyard

Congressional Black Caucus to Protest Verdict by Putting Black People Out of Work


A number of House Democrats are lining up behind the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s threat for an economic boycott of Florida

Jesse Jackson Declares Florida an “Apartheid State”


I wonder if the large Jewish community in Florida had something to do with Jesse Jackson’s decision

Dem Candidate for Governor Envisions Wonderful World of Immortal Beings and Birth Credits


If we had addressed these issues in 1985, two billion people in the world now living on less than two dollars a day would never have been born.